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This is the site of Bob's Guides, a place to find information on anything Bob knows anything about (or thinks he does). If you are a lover of the English language, you might want to visit our sister site: WordsMatter.

At present, this site has three main sections.


The Bread section documents recipes I developed during the course of my endless search for the perfect loaf of bread. If you're not someone who appreciates fine, homemade bread, this will mean nothing to you. If, on the other hand, you find a good loaf of bread makes your day, these recipes are for you. I believe that Bob's Foolproof Bread is not only foolproof, but the finest bread known to humankind. This may sound like an exaggerated claim, but everyone who has tried the bread agrees. I guarantee that if you follow the instructions it will work for you even if you've never made bread before.


The MODX section is dedicated to the MODX Content Management Framework, the engine that powers this site. MODX is an infinitely flexible open-source framework that makes it possible to build and maintain exactly the kind of website you want. Many features of this site such as the menu you see at the top of this page and the MODX FAQ in the MODX section would have been incredibly difficult to produce without the power of MODX. Like any powerful tool, MODX takes some time to get used to. I built this section to help new MODX users get their feet wet and to provide information for people who are considering switching to MODX.

For users of other content management systems like Drupal, TextPattern, and Joomla!, the main benefit of MODX is its flexibility. It lacks the capability of those systems "out of the box," but it puts no limits on what you can do and no restrictions on how your site is organized and designed. People who migrate from another CMS to MODX often report a sense of freedom and euphoric exhilaration once they get the hang of MODX. As one such user put it, "With the other CMS products I used, I felt as if I were constantly wrapped in duct tape -- now, I'm free to do whatever I want."

RV Information

I spend a lot of time in my RV and, little by little, I'm adding the things I've learned about buying, traveling in, and maintaining an RV. Much of it is still in my head, but you can see what I've done so far.

Extra Stuff

I compiled the Vista section of this site mainly so I'd have a reference to the tweaks I wanted to make to Vista and had trouble tracking down. Some are tweaks I had made to XP and wanted to duplicate in Vista. Others are genuine Vista annoyances (like the permission issues that arise when you want to copy files from your old machine). If you find some especially useful and hard-to-find Vista tweaks, let me know and, if I like them, I'll put them up here.

Note: No egrets were harmed during the production of this web site.

Thank you for visiting

  —  Bob Ray