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Unit Testing X - Creating our Validator Class

Moving validation to a separate class

Dear Google - Why I'm not Switching to YouTube TV

What's seriously wrong with the YouTube TV user interface

Unit Testing IX - Testing a Validator Class

Creating a test for a separate validator class using a data provider

Unit Testing VIII - An Improved User Class

Fixing some problems with the user class

Unit Testing VII - Testing Error Handling with Stubs

Introducing better error handling and unit testing it with using stubs

Unit Testing VI - A Bad Constructor

An example of a bad (and virtually untestable) constructor

Unit Testing V - Testing in PhpStorm

Running Codeception unit tests inside the PhpStorm code editor

Unit Testing IV - A Practical Test

A unit test that actually tests something

Unit Testing III - Our First Unit Test

A HelloWorld unit test to make sure everything works

Unit Testing II - Command Line Testing

Running unit tests from the command line