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Acceptance Testing VI - XPath Locators

More information on creating XPath Locators

Acceptance Testing V - Login PageObject

Creating a Codeception PageObject for the login page

Acceptance Testing IV - Login

Logging in to the MODX in an acceptance test

Acceptance Testing III - Contact Form

Creating the contact form that our acceptance test will pass

Acceptance Testing II - Contact Form

Acceptance test for a simple contact form in MODX

Acceptance Testing I - Hello World

Our first Acceptance test

Functional Testing - Imaginary Functional Testing in MODX

Considering what a functional test would look like for MODX

Integration Testing V - Integration Tests for MODX Processors

Creating integration tests for MODX processors

Integration Testing IV - Codeception Helper Methods

Using Codeception helper methods

Integration Testing III - Integration Testing in MODX using the Codeception Db Module

Using MODX as a fixture to do integration testing with the Codeception Db module