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Find My Symlinks III

Provide links to edit each object in the Manager

Find My Symlinks II

Displaying all symlinks on a MODX site

Find My Symlinks I

Finding symlinks to a given resource

Remove an Entry from Browser MRU list

Removing pesky URLs containing typos from your browser's MRU list

System Setting Lexicon Strings in Transport Packages

Handling lexicon strings for System Settings in a transport package.

Comparing Things in PhpStorm III

Comparing entire directories in PhpStorm

Comparing Things in PhpStorm II

Comparing two files and observing the differences in PhpStorm

Comparing Things in PhpStorm I

A look at comparing a file with previous versions in PhpStorm

Comparing things in Git

A look at some Git techniques for comparing things

Can I Do a Fast-forward Merge in Git?

How to Find Out if You Can Do a Fast-forward merge in Git *without actually merging*