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Unit Testing VIII - An Improved User Class

Fixing some problems with the user class

Unit Testing VII - Testing Error Handling with Stubs

Introducing better error handling and unit testing it with using stubs

Unit Testing VI - A Bad Constructor

An example of a bad (and virtually untestable) constructor

Unit Testing V - Testing in PhpStorm

Running Codeception unit tests inside the PhpStorm code editor

Unit Testing IV - A Practical Test

A unit test that actually tests something

Unit Testing III - Our First Unit Test

A HelloWorld unit test to make sure everything works

Unit Testing II - Command Line Testing

Running unit tests from the command line

Unit Testing I - Organization and Configuration

Organizing and configuring our testing system

Installing Codeception and PhpUnit with Composer

Using the Composer dependency manager to install Codeception and PhpUnit

Installing Packages with Composer

Installing available packages with the Composer dependency manager