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Creating MODX Settings

How to create new System, Context, User Group, or User Settings in the Manager.

MODX Settings Hierarchy

Understanding the order of precedence of different types of settings

Understanding MODX Settings

MODX settings -- types and usage

What's New in NewsPublisher 3.0

News features, improvements, and bug fixes in NewsPublisher 3.0

Why Some Resources Can't Be Saved

A look at problems that can keep you from saving a resource

Advanced Symlinks II

Advanced symlink techniques using the forward_merge_excludes System Setting

Advanced Symlinks I

Advanced Symlink options using the forward_merge_excludes System Setting

Updating Symlinks in Code

How to update an existing Symlink using PHP code

Creating Symlinks in Code

Using PHP code to create a new Symlink

Understanding Symlinks

A look at the similarities and differences between Symlinks and Weblinks