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Add noopener to Link Tags IV

Improving the logic that updates the link tags

Add noopener to Link Tags III

A snippet to fix the links, then save them to the database

Add noopener to Link Tags II

Using a plugin to add noopener noreferer to link tags.

Add noopener to Link Tags I

Fix a security vulnerability with target="_blank"

Dynamic JavaScript in MODX IV

Asking MODX to generate the URL for our dynamic JavaScript

Dynamic JavaScript in MODX III

Putting JavaScript in a chunk with placeholders

Dynamic JavaScript in MODX II

Creating JavaScript in PHP and injecting it into a page

Dynamic JavaScript in MODX I

Methods for creating dynamic JavaScript in MODX

Changing the Login Error Message

The best way to change the message users see after entering the wrong credentials during Login

Show User Info Based on a TV II

Use an @SELECT TV to show only users from a single user group in a drop-down list.