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Bypassing the MODX Manager Login III

Using a single plugin to create and authenticate users

Bypassing the MODX Manager Login II

Second in a series of articles about bypassing the Manager Login process

Bypassing the MODX Manager Login I

Use your own code, or an external service to authenticate users

How JavaScript Works in MODX

A look at how JavaScript and PHP interact and how JavaScript is used in the MODX Manager

Locked Out: Getting Back into the MODX Manager

Techniques for getting into the Manager when you're locked out

Debugging CMPs -- A Horror Story

I recount a frustrating bug hunt and give some tips on debugging CMPs

Customizing Lexicon Strings in MODX Revolution

How to find and change Lexicon strings displayed in MODX Revolution.

Editing Files from the Manager's Top Menu

How to create Top Menu items in the Manager that let you edit files directly