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User Resource Report III

Sorting the results of the User Resource Report

User Resource Report II

Use a snippet property to customize the user resource report

User Resource Report I

Producing a report showing resources created by the current user

User-related Resource Fields IV

Using a Tpl Chunk to display user-related resource fields

User-related Resource Fields III

Get user info for any user-related resource field

User-related Resource Fields II

A snippet to get the full name for any user-related resource field without modifying the snippet code.

User-related Resource Fields I

Using the user-related resource fields in code

Calling getResources in Code

Get the results of a call to getResources in PHP code (and a useful trick for the &where property).

Dynamic Search Criteria for getResources

Using a small utility snippet to create complex search criteria for the &where property of getResources or pdoResources or any other snippet that uses a &where property.

Display the Age of a Resource

A snippet to show the age of a resources using various time units