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Limit Users Shown in Grid

A brilliant plugin from Bruno Perner (Bruno17), to keep MODX Manager users from seeing anyone outside their primary group in the user grid.

Register: Use Email as Username

An easy way to make the user's email address serve as their MODX username

User Resource Report IV

Get all resources acted on by the user in a single query

User Resource Report III

Sorting the results of the User Resource Report

User Resource Report II

Use a snippet property to customize the user resource report

User Resource Report I

Producing a report showing resources created by the current user

User-related Resource Fields IV

Using a Tpl Chunk to display user-related resource fields

User-related Resource Fields III

Get user info for any user-related resource field

User-related Resource Fields II

A snippet to get the full name for any user-related resource field without modifying the snippet code.

User-related Resource Fields I

Using the user-related resource fields in code