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Unit, Integration, Functional, and Acceptance Testing

Defining the most common kinds of software tests.

Software Testing and Test-driven Development

How software testing can change your life

Understanding FormIt Hooks

A look at how to use built-in and custom hooks with the FormIt extra

Creating Additional Pages after a New Page is Created

Using a plugin to create related pages after a new resource is created

Creating MODX Articles in Code IV

Using the resource/create processor to create new Articles.

Creating MODX Articles in Code III

Handling placeholders when creating Articles with PHP

Creating MODX Articles in Code II

Creating a blog Article using a MODX chunk for the content

Creating MODX Articles in Code I

Use a PHP script to create new blog Articles

Including other Extras in a MODX Transport Package

What to do if your extra requires the installation of other extras

Missing TVs with getResources or pdoResources

Why some TV values may not be shown by getResources or pdoResources