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Creating MODX Articles in Code I

Use a PHP script to create new blog Articles

Including other Extras in a MODX Transport Package

What to do if your extra requires the installation of other extras

Missing TVs with getResources or pdoResources

Why some TV values may not be shown by getResources or pdoResources

Keep the MODX Forums from Eating your Back-ticks

Some tips on using back-ticks and displaying code in the MODX Forums

Saved Resources don't Show in Tree

A case where MODX resources save with no errors but don't show up in the Resources Tree

Finding Bugs using a Binary Search

Finding bugs in your code when the error message is not helpful or there is no error message

What's the Current Year IV

Forwarding users to a year-dependent page automatically

What's the Current Year III

Creating links based on the year

What's the Current Year II

Controlling page content based on the year

What's the Current Year I

Getting the current year in code