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Make Plugins Execute Based on Resource Fields

Enable or disable plugins based on the values of specific resource fields

Make Plugins Execute Based on Resource Context

Enable or disable plugins in the Manager based on Resource Context

Make MODX Plugins Execute only in Specific Contexts

How to make your MODX plugin execute, or not execute in one or more specific contexts

Using PHP Comparison and Equality Operators in MODX

Making sure your code tests for equality properly

Creating your own MODX System Events

How to create custom System Events for use with your code

Invoking MODX System Events

Firing MODX System Events in your own code

Find Out if a MODX System Event has Fired

Creating a test to determine if a particular MODX System Event has fired

My 300th Blog Article

Three hundred and counting!

Managing Paths in MODX Extras III

What to do about the assets URL

Managing Paths in MODX Extras II

Retrieving the paths from the namespace object