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Acceptance Testing XXII - MODX 2 and MODX 3 in One Command

A trick for running MODX 2 and MODX 3 tests with a single command

Acceptance Testing XXI - MODX 3 Code Changes

Making the code changes necessary for our test to run in MODX 3

Acceptance Testing XX - MODX 3 page objects

Creating separate page objects for MODX 2 and MODX 3

Acceptance Testing XIX - MODX 3 bootstrap file

Creating a separate bootstrap file for MODX 3

Acceptance Testing XVIII - Separate Environment Files

Using separate environment files to control environments used in a test

Acceptance Testing XVII - Codeception Environments

Using Codeception environments to alter the way tests are run

Acceptance Testing XVI - Final Resource Protection Test

The finished version of our Resource Protection Test

Acceptance Testing XV - Skeleton Resource Protection Test

A basic skeleton for a test of the MODX security system for protecting resources

Acceptance Testing XIV - XPath Examples

A variety of instructive XPath examples

Acceptance Testing XIII - A New Page Object

Creating a new page object containing the CSS and XPath locators we'll need to navigate through the MODX manager.