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Managing Paths in MODX Extras III

What to do about the assets URL

Managing Paths in MODX Extras II

Retrieving the paths from the namespace object

Managing Paths in MODX Extras I

Making sure MODX can find your files in both development and live environments

Find that Placeholder III

Handling included files that use MODX constants

Scraping, Parsing, and API Use V

Extracting data from MODX repository pages

Path Troubles

Using the correct path and URL references to CSS, image, JS, PHP, and other files in code and in HTML

Create an RSS Feed for Your Articles Blog

Step-by-step instructions for creating an RSS feed for your MODX Articles blog.

Using the MODX Lexicon Outside of MODX

A method to use MODX lexicon strings that will work inside or outside of MODX

Making Form Checkboxes Sticky

When a user re-visits a form, the checkboxes will be set as they were the last time the form was submitted.

Check or Uncheck all Checkboxes with JavaScript

Checking and unchecking checkboxes with JavaScript buttons