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Renaming the MODX (anonymous) User

Now there's a much easier way to change the username of the (anonymous) user

Creating User Settings in Code

Using PHP code to create MODX User Settings

Creating User Group Settings in Code

Using PHP to create MODX User Group settings

Understanding MODX Settings

MODX settings -- types and usage

Use Full Name in Registration Email II

Fall back to the username if the fullname field is empty

Use Full Name in Registration Email I

A trick that lets you put the user's full name in your Registration email

Limit Users Shown in Grid

A brilliant plugin from Bruno Perner (Bruno17), to keep MODX Manager users from seeing anyone outside their primary group in the user grid.

Register: Use Email as Username

An easy way to make the user's email address serve as their MODX username

User Resource Report IV

Get all resources acted on by the user in a single query

User Resource Report III

Sorting the results of the User Resource Report