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Acceptance Testing IX - Final User Test

Final version of our user text for the MODX Manager

Unit Testing XII - Updating the User Class

Updating the User class to pass the new tests

Unit Testing XI - Refactoring the User Class Test

Adapting our User class to handle external validation

Dear Google - Why I'm not Switching to YouTube TV

What's seriously wrong with the YouTube TV user interface

Unit Testing VIII - An Improved User Class

Fixing some problems with the user class

Sending a User to Edit their own Page on Manager Login

Using a plugin to let users *edit* their own page on login

Sending a User to their Own Page on Login

How to get MODX to forward users to their own pages on login

Passing Data between Two Snippets V

Pass data between two snippets using User Settings

Show User Info Based on a TV I

Select from a drop-down list of users and show the selected user's information on a page

Renaming the MODX (anonymous) User

Now there's a much easier way to change the username of the (anonymous) user