Clamp-on Reflector Lights



You're probably wondering why you'd want one of these. If you camp where it gets below freezing, though, it can be a lifesaver. I sometimes camp in northern Florida, where it will occasionally get down into the mid-20s at night. I have two of them, both with 100-Watt bulbs. On cold nights, I aim one at my water pump, and the other at my sewer connection (inside the utility bay). For about $10, it's pretty cheap insurance.

It's also handy to be able to see what's going through my transparent sewer fixture on a cloudy day, or when dumping the tanks at night.

Here's a smaller version of the same thing:



You'd think the bulbs would be damaged when driving on a rough road, but mine are at least four years old and I'm still using the original light bulbs. Of course they're also useful for taking photographs, since that's what they were originally designed for.


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