ConstantContact Plugin Tutorial

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ConstantContact is a plugin that adds contacts to an email list at Constant Contact using the Constant Contact API V1.

ConstantContact was developed with the generous support of Fountainhead, LLC dba RS Design.

Installing ConstantContact

Go to System | Package Management on the main menu in the MODX Manager and click on the "Download Extras" button. That will take you to the Revolution Repository. Put ConstantContact in the search box and press Enter. Click on the "Download" button, and once the package is downloaded, click on the "Back to Package Manager" button. That should bring you back to your Package Management grid. Click on the "Install" button next to ConstantContact in the grid. The ConstantContact package should now be installed.


You need a Constant Contact username and password. You do not need an API key. Set the username and password in the ccProperties property set.

At the point in your code where you want to add the contact, create an array of fields for the user and invoke the OnCustomerOrder event.


You want to add a user to your mailing list when he or she completes an eCommerce purchase.

At the point where you confirm the user's purchase, add code like this using the information you have for the user:

$contact = array(
    /* Required */
    'OptInSource' => 'ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER',
    'Status' => 'ACTIVE',
    'ContactList' => 1,
    'Email' => $email,
    'FirstName' => $firstName,
    'LastName' => $lastName,
    /* Optional */
    'City' => $city,
    'CompanyName' => $company,
    'JobTitle' => $title,
    'StateName' => $stateName,
    'StateCode' => $stateCode,
    'CountryCode' => $countryCode,
    'CountryName' => $countryName,
    'Addr1' => $addressOne,
    'Addr2' => $addressTwo,
    'Addr3' => $addressThree,
    'PostalCode' => $postalCode,
    'SubPostalCode' => $postalSubCode,
    'HomePhone' => $homePhone,
    'WorkPhone' => $workPhone,

    $modx->invokeEvent('OnCustomerOrder', array('contact' => $contact));

The plugin checks to make sure there is no user with that email address, then adds the user. Using the class that comes with the package, it's also possible to update or remove existing users, but the plugin itself will only add them.


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