Guide to My MODX Extras

Rather than force people to wander through the site looking at the documentation for my Extras to find out what they do, I thought I'd provide a comprehensive list with a quick note on what each one does and a link to the documentation page (thank you getResources!).

ActivationEmail Plugin — ActivationEmail sends an email message to users when they are activated manually in the MODX Manager and (optionally) a second message to deactivated users.

BotBlockX Plugin — BotBlockX is based on Alex Kemp's classic bad-bot-blocking routine.

CacheClear Snippet — CacheClear is a utility snippet for MODX Revolution that deletes all files in the core/cache directory.

CacheMaster Plugin — The CacheMaster Plugin for MODX Revolution allows you to have the cache cleared for a single Resource when you save it, without clearing anything else.

Canonical Snippet — Snippet to automatically place a proper canonical tag in the head section of Symlinks to prevent a search engine penalty for duplicate content.

Captcha Plugin — Provides Captcha verification in the MODX Manager Login and elsewhere.

CaseInsensitiveURLs Plugin — On servers where URLs are case-sensitive, users who try to access a page using a link that is in the wrong case will encounter a 404 (page-not-found) error. This Plugin for MODX Revolution lets users find your pages even when the case of a link or an address entered in the browser's address bar is incorrect with respect to case. The Plugin only executes when a page is not found, so it won't slow down your site.

ClassExtender Class — The ClassExtender extra is a system that makes it easy to extend the modUser and/or modResource classes in MODX.

ConstantContact Plugin — A plugin that adds contacts to an email list at

CreateXpdoClasses Snippet — Using your own custom database tables with xPDO

CustomSearch CMP — CustomSearch is a powerful search extra for MODX Revolution with regular expression searches of all major MODX object fields and site-wide search and replace

DefaultResourceGroup Plugin — The DefaultResourceGroup plugin places all new resources into a default Resource Group or groups. It will not change the Resource Group settings of existing resources when you edit them. If the user checks certain Resource Groups when creating the resource, those selections will be honored, but the plugin will also add the resource to the specified default Resource Groups. Another option is to have new documents inherit their parent's resource groups.

DefaultUserGroup Plugin — The DefaultUserGroup plugin places all new users into a default User Group or groups. It will not change the User Group settings of existing users when you edit them. If the user selects certain User Groups when creating the new user, those selections will be honored, but the plugin will also add the user to the specified default User Groups.

DirWalker Class — DirWalker is a utility class for recursively traversing directories.

EmailResource Plugin — The EmailResource plugin for MODX Revolution will format and email any resource on your site. It will convert your CSS code to inline styles in the email so that the email will have HTML formatting.

EmptyAlias Snippet — EmptyAlias is a utility snippet for MODX Revolution that reports Resources with empty aliases.

EZfaq Snippet — EZfaq creates a slick, attractive, FAQ page with expanding and contracting answers.

FileUpload Snippet — FileUpload can be used to upload a variable number of files in the front end of your site.

FixedPre Plugin — FixedPre can be used to display MODX tags and PHP code in a MODX document. Simply wrap the tags or code in <fixedpre> tags. FixedPre is a Revolution version of Rahul Dhesi's plugin for MODX Evolution.

getDynaDescription Snippet — The getDynaDescription snippet creates a description Meta tag in the <head> section of your Template(s). You have the option of creating the full Meta tag or just the content part of it. Depending on the properties set, getDynaDescription will create the description from a TV, from the description field of the resource, or from the beginning of the content field of the resource.

GoRevo Package — GoRevo does an intelligent migration of a MODX Evolution site to MODX Revolution.

Guzzle6 Extra — Guzzle6 is a utility package for making and processing HTTP requests.

LexiconHelper Snippet — LexiconHelper is a utility to help MODX add-on developers create and check lexicon files for their components. Note that this is not a tool for translators. (A much better version of this Extra is available as part of the MyComponent Extra.)

LogLogins Plugin — Once LogLogins is installed it will automatically record user logins and logouts to the Manager Actions Log for both Manager and front-end logins. It will report the time, the username, and the context(s) involved.

LogPageNotFound Plugin — LogPageNotFound logs all requests that result in a 404 (page not found) error.

MandrillX Class — MandrillX is a class for sending email through Mandrill in MODX Revolution.

MessageManager Snippet — MessageManager allows user to read, create, and reply to MODX Manager messages in the front-end of your site. Messages can be sent to individual users, user groups, or all users. You can let users opt out of the message system based on User Group Membership

MyComponent Development System — MyComponent provides a development environment for creating MODX Extras. Once you've edited the config file, MyComponent will create all files, directories, and MODX objects for your Extra. It will also write your lexicon files for you and create the build file and resolvers.

MyComponent Workflow — MyComponent Workflow Diagram

NewsPublisher Snippet — NewsPublisher is a front-end resource creation and editing tool. It allows users to create new documents and edit existing documents in the front end of your site.

Notify Snippet — Notify will let you send an email notification to Subscribers on your site (or to all active users) when a page is created or updated (or just when you feel like sending them a message). Rather than sending the whole page, Notify sends a message with a link to the new or updated page. Optionally, you can specify tags for the message and only subscribers with those tags set will receive the email. Notify works in conjunction with the Subscribe extra, which lets users register at your site and manage their preferences (tags).

ObjectExplorer Snippet — ObjectExplorer displays information about the various objects in the MODX Revolution database. It's output is derived from the MODX schema file so it will display the current information for the version of MODX you are using.

Orphans CMP — Orphans identifies unused Elements on your site.

Personalize Snippet — The Personalize snippet will show one chunk to logged-in users and another to all others.

QuickEmail Snippet — QuickEmail can be used to send email from inside another snippet, but its primary use is to see if your email is working, and if not, to help diagnose and solve email problems.

ReflectBlock Plugin — The ReflectBlock plugin for MODX Revolution blocks, and logs all requests that contain the word "reflect". Users trying to find any file with the word "reflect" in the URL, will get a 403 - Forbidden error and a message telling them that the reflect snippet does not exist at the site. The reflect Snippet has not been part of MODX for some years, but miscreants are still hammering people's sites looking for it.

RefreshCache Snippet — RefreshCache refreshes the cache by visiting all site pages that are published, undeleted, cacheable, and not hidden from menus. It is slow, but effective.

ShowTv Snippet — The ShowTv Snippet allows you to display any TV on any page, even if the TV is not connected to the current Resource in any way.

SiteAtoZ Snippet — The SiteAtoZ snippet makes use of getResources to list resources alphabetically, with an A to Z header of links to anchors in the text. Each section provides a sorted series of links to the selected resources.

SiteCheck CMP — Tutorial and documentation for the SiteCheck CMP. Tests your site's integrity.

SizeMatters Snippet — Logs the viewport size of your MODX site's visitors in ems and pixels and displays the results in graphs

SPForm Snippet — SPForm is a really simple e-mail contact form that is as spam-proof as I could make it. It creates a contact form like the one at this site.

StageCoach Plugin — For new Resources in MODX, you can set a future publication date so that the new content won't appear until that date, but sometimes you want to stage changes to an existing Resource and not have the changes appear until a future date. That's exactly what StageCoach does for you.

Subscribe Snippet — Subscribe provides a double-opt-in User registration system. It uses some parts of the Login package. Subscribe does not handle paid subscriptions.

Syntax Highlighter Snippet — SyntaxHighlighter is a Revolution version of Alex Gorbatchev's JavaScript Syntax Highlighter. This Extra is also available as a Plugin.

SyntaxHighlighter Plugin — SyntaxHighlighter is a Revolution version of Alex Gorbatchev's JavaScript Syntax Highlighter. This Extra is also available as a snippet.

ThermX Snippet — ThermX creates a fundraising thermometer for placement on a web page. It shows progress toward a fundraising goal.

UpgradeMODX Package — Upgrade your MODX site from the MODX Manager

Why Choose GoRevo? — GoRevo does an intelligent migration of a MODX Evolution site to MODX Revolution.

Why Use CustomSearch? — CustomSearch is a powerful search extra for MODX Revolution with regular expression searches of all major MODX object fields and site-wide search and replace


My book, MODX: The Official Guide - Digital Edition is now available here. The paper version of the book may still be available from Amazon.

If you have the book and would like to download the code, you can find it here.

If you have the book and would like to see the updates and corrections page, you can find it here.

MODX: The Official Guide is 772 pages long and goes far beyond this web site in explaining beginning and advanced MODX techniques. It includes detailed information on:

  • Installing MODX
  • How MODX Works
  • Working with MODX resources and Elements
  • Using Git with MODX
  • Using common MODX add-on components like SPForm, Login, getResources, and FormIt
  • MODX security Permissions
  • Customizing the MODX Manager
  • Using Form Customization
  • Creating Transport Packages
  • MODX and xPDO object methods
  • MODX System Events
  • Using PHP with MODX

Go here for more information about the book.

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