Progressive Dynamics 12V Lights

I was never happy with the overhead original lights in my rig. They got very hot, they burned their own lenses and bulbs, and the lenses were stiff and difficult to remove.

Progressive Dynamics Lights

When the lenses started to turn brown and crack, I had trouble finding lenses for them. After a while, I discovered Progressive Dynamics Lights and began replacing the entire fixture for about $12 when I had a problem with the originals — not much more than the cost of a new lens.

Everything about the Progressive Dynamics lights is better than the OEM ones. The lenses go on an off easily, they're easier to switch on and off, and after a number of years, they show no signs at all of the yellowing, burns, and brittleness of the originals. So far, I've never had to replace a lens for any reason, so they're gradually paying for themselves.

This light is most like the ones that came with my rig, but it's not my favorite, because I don't like having to slide the middle section to turn the light off and on:



I prefer this light with the switch on the end and a more modern look, though I should mention with the double light version below, it's not possible to turn on just one light — they both come on together when you flip the switch. The Euro-style model above will allow you to turn on just one bulb or both of them.



Both lights come in a single-bulb model as well. This link is to a an Amazon search that will show you all their Progressive Dynamics lights.

Replacing the Light Fixture

This isn't rocket science.

  • Make sure the 12V power is off (you'll know you've done it when none of the lights will come on).
  • Pop off the lens.
  • Remove the two or four screws holding the fixture to the ceiling.
  • While the old fixture is hanging, take off the plastic wire nuts connecting the fixture's wires with the supply wires coming from the RV.
  • In some cases, you'll have to cut the old wires, strip the ends, and put on new wire nuts or other connectors. When you cut them, cut just above the connectors to leave as much wire hanging out of the ceiling as possible.
  • Connect the new fixture to the wires from the ceiling.
  • Put in the screws holding the fixture to the ceiling. The screw holes may not match up with the originals, though usually if you push on the screws, they will self-start. If not, you'll need to drill a hole.
  • Turn the 12V power back on and test the light.
  • Put the lens on the fixture.


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