J-B Weld Quick-Setting Epoxy


This stuff is the best thing since sliced bread. It will glue almost anything. It sets up in five minutes and cures to full strength in one hour. It also dries clear.

It's perfect for quick repair jobs when the parts are difficult to clamp. If you can hold them together with your hands for five minutes, you're in business. An hour later, their ready to use.

To use it, press the plunger to release the amount you need onto a paper plate. It will send out two streams of thick liquid that, when mixed, create an incredibly strong, weatherproof epoxy glue. Mix the two parts fully (I use a Popsicle stick), then apply it with a toothpick.

Best of all, it's reusable. The twist-off cap won't stick to either element of the glue and it seals the tube completely. I keep mine in a plastic baggie, but I've never had one leak. Wipe off the end of the tubes with a paper towel before replacing the cap, but be careful not to mix the two elements together as you wipe, so you don't create epoxy glue on the end of the tube. Even if you do mix them a little, the resulting glue won't stick to the cap and it can usually be removed later. Late in life, the tubes may get a little crudded up and you might have to operate the cap with a pair of pliers, but it's seldom necessary.


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  —  Bob Ray