MODX Revolution

MODX Revolution is the newest version of MODX. It was sometimes referred to earlier as MODX Version 0.9.7, but following the release of MODX Revolution, MODX Version 0.9.6 is referred to as MODX Evolution and 0.9.7 as MODX Revolution. At present MODX Evolution includes all versions in the form 1.x.x and MODX Revolution includes all 2.x.x versions.

This section of the site is for information about MODX Revolution. It generally focuses on things that are new to Revolution, such as: object manipulation with xPDO, lexicon management, tag changes, etc.


My book, MODX: The Official Guide - Digital Edition is now available here. The paper version of the book is available from Amazon.

If you have the book and would like to download the code, you can find it here.

If you have the book and would like to see the updates and corrections page, you can find it here.

MODX: The Official Guide is 772 pages long and goes far beyond this web site in explaining beginning and advanced MODX techniques. It includes detailed information on:

  • Installing MODX
  • How MODX Works
  • Working with MODX resources and Elements
  • Using Git with MODX
  • Using common MODX add-on components like SPForm, Login, getResources, and FormIt
  • MODX security Permissions
  • Customizing the MODX Manager
  • Using Form Customization
  • Creating Transport Packages
  • MODX and xPDO object methods
  • MODX System Events
  • Using PHP with MODX

Go here for more information about the book.

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