MODX:The Official Guide — Digital Edition

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What’s New in the Digital Edition?

  • Hundreds of updates, corrections, additions, and improvements
  • Pasteable code!
  • Multi-color highlighting for easy identification of field names, system events, resource names, snippet properties, system settings, and code comments.
  • Search capability
  • Multiple, non-DRM-protected formats
  • Improved weight profile — the digital edition weighs a fraction of what the paper book does.
  • No shipping charges
  • Immediate delivery
  • Fewer dead trees

What Formats Are Available?

The available formats depend on where you purchase it. If you get it from Amazon, you will only get one version of the Kindle format, depending on the device Amazon thinks you have. Although there are Kindle readers available for various platforms and you can side-load the book onto them, the book will almost certainly not look as good on the readers as it would on a Kindle because they use a different rendering engine than the actual Kindle device.

If, on the other hand, you purchase the book from the secure server at GumRoad, you will get *all* of the following formats, each optimized for viewing on readers that specialize in those formats. The Mobi version is produced with KindleGen, and according to Amazon, will work on any Kindle as well as other Mobi viewers. Because you have all the formats, you can use different versions for different devices.

  • Epub
  • Mobi
  • PDF
  • HTML

Better yet, if you purchase from GumRoad, you can download the free Calibre e-book program, import the HTML version of the book, and produce your own PDF, Mobi, or Epub version (along with a number of other formats) optimized for use on a particular device. The current version of Calibre has built-in output profiles for 32 different devices, including the Nook, Kobo Reader, iPad, and a generic tablet format. You can even edit the CSS to change the fonts, colors, and styles.

Note: The sample chapter PDF file at does not look anything like the PDF version contained in the Digital Edition. The sample chapter file at Amazon was created with sophisticated print publishing tools that were not available for use with the Digital Edition. The Digital Edition PDF is perfectly readable, just not as attractively designed as the print edition.

Where Can I Get it?

  • When the Kindle version becomes available, you can purchase it here.
  • The GumRoad version, containing all four formats, is available right now from the secure server at GumRoad.

What’s Your Favorite Version

No Contest — I prefer the HTML file. The CSS is at the top of the file, so I can change whatever I like. It loads fast, looks good, and searches are almost instantaneous. Best of all, I can add my own notes anywhere in the book.

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Where Can I Learn More About the Book and See Reviews?

  • There is more information about what’s in the book on this page and at
  • You can read reviews of the paper versions of the book at Amazon.

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