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SiteCheck is both a diagnostic tool to help you find problems that are keeping your MODX sites from installing correctly, and a powerful set of methods that test the integrity of an entire MODX site. SiteCheck examines your site in depth, looking for problems that you can't see, but that need correcting.

SiteCheck has been updated for MODX 3!

SiteCheck is my first premium extra. I will still create and release free MODX extras, but I'm hoping that people won't mind contributing a little for a truly powerful tool.

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A SiteCheck License is for one person, but unlimited sites.


Here's a partial list of the things SiteCheck will find:

  • Missing MODX config files
  • Invalid paths in config files
  • Incorrect file and directory permissions
  • Inability to connect to the MODX database
  • Character set mismatches between MODX and MySQL
  • An invalid workspace path
  • A Date/Time mismatch between PHP and MySQL
  • Invalid Transport Packages
  • Resources with invalid parents
  • Resources with invalid Templates
  • Resources with empty aliases
  • Resources with duplicate aliases in the same Context
  • Resources with frozen, empty URIs
  • Resources with duplicate URIs in the same Context
  • Resources with duplicate pagetitles in the same Context
  • Resources with invalid class keys
  • Resources with invalid Contexts
  • Resources where context_key doesn't match parent's
  • Elements with invalid Categories
  • Elements with invalid Property Sets
  • Templates with invalid Template Variables
  • Template Variables with invalid templates
  • Template Variables with invalid Resource Groups
  • Resource Groups with invalid Template Variables
  • Resource Groups with invalid Resources
  • Resources with invalid Resource Groups
  • Users with invalid User Groups
  • Users with invalid Roles
  • User Groups with invalid Users
  • User Groups with invalid Roles
  • Plugins with invalid Events
  • Events attached to invalid Plugins
  • Property Sets attached to invalid Elements

On a typical site, SiteCheck performs over 5,000 tests.

Where SiteCheck really shines is the case where you move a site to another server or another directory and run Setup, but MODX doesn't run properly in the new location. Often, it's a problem with the file paths, the workspace path, or the file permissions in the new location. SiteCheck will tell you exactly what's wrong.

Even if SiteCheck doesn't find any issues with a particular site, it will give you a warm feeling to know that the site has no hidden problems. You'll also have a valuable tool to use when things go wrong in the future or when you want to make a quick backup of your MODX database.

SiteCheck includes a convenient Database Backup utility that can save multiple, rolling backups of your entire MODX database.

Site Corruption

Over time, most MODX sites become corrupted in some way. Typically, this is not the fault of MODX or any user, but is caused by extras that don't install or uninstall correctly. For example, Resources can end up with invalid parents and elements can be placed in invalid categories. Sometimes, transport packages no longer have their source files. These invalid objects are still in your database. The Resources and elements usually won't show up in the Manager at all, so you can't correct or delete them, and if you try to create something with the same name, you'll get a mysterious error message. They can also cause weird problems that are hard to diagnose and even harder to solve.

Another side effect of invalid objects is spurious error messages showing up in the MODX Error Log — sometimes, quite a lot of them. Important error messages may be lost in the clutter, and your Error Log may grow so big that MODX can't display it.

Even when the invalid objects don't cause problems you can see, they are still slowing down the site by cluttering up the database and sucking up memory.

SiteCheck not only finds these problems, whenever possible it also fixes them. With Transport Packages, for example, it will correct invalid fields and (if necessary) download the transport file from the MODX repository.

When SiteCheck can't fix a problem, it will provide information (either directly or with a link) to help you solve it. For safety, whenever SiteCheck intends to modify your database, it will do a full backup of the database first.

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