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If you've found this site helpful and would like to contribute, there are several ways to do so. One is to buy my book — MODX: The Official Guide.

Bob's Guides is largely a labor of love. It has historically been a losing proposition for me, though the losses are small. Any amount you can donate will be immensely appreciated — it all adds up. You can see the list of previous donors here:

There is a chance that we'll fulfill a long-time dream and break even this year. If you would like to contribute directly to the site, you can simply click on the Donate button below.

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Ways to Support the Site That Won't Cost You a Thing

Another way you can help this site survive is through our web hosting affiliates. MODX can be installed at almost any host, but the process is often much smoother and site performance is better when you use a MODX-friendly host. If you go to the link below, or one of the links on the MODX-friendly Hosts page, and set up an account, we get a "finders fee" from the hosting service.

Bob's Guides is now hosted at A2 Hosting and I've been very happy there. The MODX Manager runs about four times faster than it did at my previous host and the site seems more responsive as well. I particularly recommend the Swift package with the Performance Plus option.

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See the MODX-Friendly Hosts page for other suggestions.



There are other ways to support the site but it has been suggested rather strongly by a large and powerful entity that I not mention them here, so I won't.


Let me also suggest that you give a little support to MODX, the open-source CMS that powers this site.

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This site is an Amazon affiliate. If you go to Amazon through this link (or one of the other direct links at this site) and purchase something on that visit, we get a small percentage of the purchase price. PLEASE NOTE: If you go to Amazon and look at something, then come back later and purchase it, we get nothing unless you put the item in your cart on the first visit.


If you really want to be generous (maybe I saved your dog's life), buy an Amazon Kindle through this link:

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You can read my review of my first Kindle here.

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