Windows Vista Tweaks

Have you been tearing your hair out over some annoying "feature" in Windows Vista? Welcome to the club. I'm assembling some of the more obscure fixes here to save people the trouble I went to in finding them.

I'm assuming that you've already Googled for your problem and either come up empty, or failed to understand the instructions you found.

I don't pretend to be a Vista expert so I make no claims about the results of these tips other than to say I've used them successfully. Unless you're unusually foolhardy, you'll have everything backed up before you try any of them.

Destination Folder Access Denied

Vista gives you a "Destination folder access denied" error when you try to copy files across a network. Go here for a possible solution.

Vista File Extensions

In Vista, some file extensions show and others don't. Go here for a fix.

Where's the "RUN" command box?

Vista thinks you should pass a little test before you can see the "run" command box. Go here for a cheat sheet.

Where's My Cursor?

On today's wide-screen computers, especially those with high-resolution screens, it can sometimes be hard to find Vista's blinking vertical cursor. Click here to see how to fatten it up a little (or a lot).

Disappearing icons in the Vista Notification Area

You may have noticed that the icons in the Notification Area at the lower right of the screen sometimes come and go. That's because the default setting causes Vista to hide the ones that you haven't used for a while. There's a tiny left arrow that you can click on to reveal the hidden ones but if you'd like to have them show all the time, click here to see how.

Quicker Access to Control Panel Icons

While your training Vista to look and act the way you want it to, you need frequent access to things on the Control Panel. You've probably already thought of putting a shortcut to Control Panel on your desktop. For even more convenient access, though, click here to see how to access everything on the Control Panel screen from the Start Menu.

Set Vista's Default Browser

It's no shock that Vista sets Internet Explorer as the default browser. On installation, many browsers will let you set them as the default browser, but what if you change your mind later? Click here to see how to set the default browser in vista manually.


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