Water Heater Flush Wand


This is an essential tool for flushing your water heater. You'll be amazed at the amount of crud that collects in the tank over a single year. Just drain the tank, put this on the end of a water hose, and use it to flush the tank. I do it at least once per year, though twice would probably be better.

If you put a quick-connect on this, you'll find that you can rotate it without rotating the water hose. My favorite quick-connect fittings are the green and black ones shown below. They're also available at any Ace Hardware. They're much easier to connect and disconnect, and they last longer.



I actually prefer the version of this flush wand without the shutoff valve since it works better to put a male quick-connect fitting in the wand and use a female quick-connect fitting on the hose end with its own shutoff valve (like the one shown above), but I don't think the valveless version of the wand is made any more. It won't hurt to have two shutoffs, and if the one on this tool breaks off, you'll still have the other one.

Be sure *not* to get the straight version. The straight one is for filling the RV's fresh-water tank and is made of clear soft tubing. It won't give you a concentrated jet of water and it won't shoot it at a right angle, which is important for dislodging the crud on the sides of the tank.

If, like me, you've had trouble getting the Plastic Atwood drain plug on your water heater to stop leaking, see this page.


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