Weber Q Grill


I've had many portable grills over the years. Some cheap, some expensive. This is the only one I would buy again. The heat is even. It's easy to clean and easy to light. The push-button lighter lasts for years. It burns less fuel, and yet gets hotter, than any other grill I've used. The handle is cool to the touch and will never melt. The grill stores nicely in a luggage bay, and you can get a nice cover for it to keep the rain out. You can get aluminum foil liners for the drip tray at any hardware store and most grocery stores.

The list above is pretty impressive, but it's not the best thing about this grill. Weber has reasonably priced replacement parts for every grill they've ever sold. I've never needed a part for this grill, but my big Weber grill at home sits out in the rain and snow all year long. After many years, the angle-iron brackets holding the drip tray rusted away completely. A couple of the flavor bars were also on their last legs and the surface you put the food on was looking a little tired. Every part was available from Amazon (some were improved versions of what I had) and cost less than I expected. With Amazon Prime (which I can't live without), I got free shipping and received the parts in two days. Installing them was a piece of cake and I basically have a new grill.

If you are a charcoal purist, you may look down on this propane-fired grill, but I've done plenty of grilling on charcoal and I can't tell the difference in the taste of the food. I also got pretty tired of lugging bags of charcoal and lighter fluid around, getting my hands dirty stacking it, waiting for the right moment to grill on it (often missing the window), and trying to figure out what to do with the ashes (some RV parks will evict you if you put them in the trash or scatter them on the ground).

If you have a larger rig with more storage or you travel with a big family, you might consider one of the larger sizes of the Weber Q. I believe they all would perform as well as mine does.

You will never regret getting this grill.


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  —  Bob Ray