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Search and Replace for your MODX Revolution site!

Now fully compatible with MODX 3

Finally! Now you can do site-wide search and replace operations in MODX revolution (and a lot more) with the CustomSearch premium extra.

What's Your Time Worth?

In maintaining your sites, how much time do you spend looking for things? Do you often need to search for users, tags that call a particular snippet or chunk, chunks or resources that contain a specific bit of content, snippets that contain a particular bit of code, etc.?

CustomSearch will not only find those items, it will let you do a site-wide search-and-replace for strings contained in almost any field of all major MODX objects — Resources, Chunks, Snippets, Plugins, Templates, TVs, Users, and User Profiles.

Every search will show the results in context and provide a link for editing the object in the Manager. Here's part of a search for "test" in the resource content field:

SiteCheck Tutorial (4194) content: you may have to run the tests one at a time. In addition,

The link above (if it were a real link) would take you to the "Create/Edit Resource" panel in the Manager to edit the SiteCheck Tutorial

What about the Manager's built-in Search?

The Manager's built-in search is great if you're looking for an object by name. But there are many other ways you might like to search for that object. What if you want to search for the object based on its content, for a TV based on its value for a particular resource, or for a user based on their full name. Better yet, what if you'd like to do a search-and-replace operation (optionally with a regular expression) across multiple objects on the whole site with a "dry-run" that will show you what the operation will do?

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  • Extremely fast
  • Search in all fields of Resources, Chunks, Templates, Snippets, Plugins, TVs, Users (except passwords), and User Profiles
  • Case-sensitive or case-insensitive searches
  • Case-sensitive or case-insensitive, site-wide search and replace
  • Regular expression searches!
  • Regular expression search and replace!
  • Shows found search terms in context
  • Links to edit objects found in search
  • Whole-word searches (and replacements)
  • Option to remember checkbox and max results settings
  • Dry-run option (with preview) for all replace operations

Need to see a quick list of all inactive users? Search the User active field for 0. For active users, search for 1.

Worried about the effects of a search-and-replace operation? You can do a "Dry Run" that shows you exactly what the search-and-replace action will do without making any changes.

You can search (and optionally replace) with whole-word, case-sensitive, and case-insensitive searches.

As a bonus, you can do regular expression searches and replacements.

Here's the search form (showing the optional replacement field, which only appears when the "Replace" checkbox is selected):


Here's a screenshot of some results, with the search term highlighted in bold. It's a search of my site for the word "change." The links in blue take you to the Manager page where you can edit the object. Notice the elapsed time of around 1/5 of a second:

Click on the "Buy Now" link below to see the various licensing options for CustomSearch.

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To see the full documentation for CustomSearch, go to this page.

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