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Installing Packages with Composer

Installing available packages with the Composer dependency manager

The Composer Dependency Manager

Managing dependencies between PHP packages

Creating Additional Pages after a New Page is Created

Using a plugin to create related pages after a new resource is created

Including other Extras in a MODX Transport Package

What to do if your extra requires the installation of other extras

Sending a User to Edit their own Page on Manager Login

Using a plugin to let users *edit* their own page on login

Sending a User to their Own Page on Login

How to get MODX to forward users to their own pages on login

Selecting the Language Used by an Extra

Several methods for seeing the language you prefer in a MODX extra

When a Widget Crashes the Manager

What to do when a widget crashes the MODX Manager

System Setting Lexicon Strings in Transport Packages

Handling lexicon strings for System Settings in a transport package.

Easy MODX Custom Manager Pages (CMPs) IV

Adding the controller file