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Creating your own MODX System Events

How to create custom System Events for use with your code

Passing Data between Two Snippets VI

Passing data between two snippets using a custom database table

Easy MODX Custom Manager Pages (CMPs) IV

Adding the controller file

Easy MODX Custom Manager Pages (CMPs) III

Making our CMP do a real search and report the results

Easy MODX Custom Manager Pages (CMPs) II

Make our easy CMP do an actual search

Easy MODX Custom Manager Pages (CMPs) I

An easier way to create Custom Manager Pages (CMPs) in MODX

Updating Manager Pages in a Plugin I

First in a series of articles on using a plugin to modify MODX Manager pages

StripWords Custom Output Modifier

Remove selected words with a custom output modifier

Debugging CMPs -- A Horror Story

I recount a frustrating bug hunt and give some tips on debugging CMPs

Customizing Lexicon Strings in MODX Revolution

How to find and change Lexicon strings displayed in MODX Revolution.