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When a Widget Crashes the Manager

What to do when a widget crashes the MODX Manager

Changing the Login Error Message

The best way to change the message users see after entering the wrong credentials during Login

Why Some Resources Can't Be Saved

A look at problems that can keep you from saving a resource

Permission Denied 403 (Access Forbidden)

Debugging an elusive 403 error for a single page

Fatal Error Cannot Redeclare Class

Fixing the "Cannot redeclare class" PHP error

Fatal Error Cannot Redeclare Function II

Putting our function inside a class to avoid collisions

Fatal Error Cannot Redeclare Function I

Fixing the PHP error: Fatal Error Cannot Redeclare Function

The MODX White Screen of Death

Getting error information when the screen goes blank

Tracking MODX Error Messages to their Source

Finding the code that produced a line in the MODX error log

Taming the MODX Revolution Error Log

A nifty extra by Sergey Shlokov makes the MODX error log a pleasure use.