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Injecting Scripts without the javascript Type

Stop MODX from inserting type="text/javascript" when injecting scripts

Dynamic JavaScript in MODX IV

Asking MODX to generate the URL for our dynamic JavaScript

Dynamic JavaScript in MODX III

Putting JavaScript in a chunk with placeholders

Dynamic JavaScript in MODX II

Creating JavaScript in PHP and injecting it into a page

Dynamic JavaScript in MODX I

Methods for creating dynamic JavaScript in MODX

Updating Manager Pages in a Plugin IV

Making the Edit Draft and Edit Original buttons do what they're supposed to do

Updating Manager Pages in a Plugin II

Adding buttons to the Create/Edit Resource Manager page with JavaScript in a plugin attached to OnDocFormRender

Making Things Appear and Disappear without JQuery

Make content appear and disappear without the overhead of JQuery

How JavaScript Works in MODX

A look at how JavaScript and PHP interact and how JavaScript is used in the MODX Manager

Check or Uncheck all Checkboxes with JavaScript

Checking and unchecking checkboxes with JavaScript buttons