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Acceptance Testing XX - MODX 3 page objects

Creating separate page objects for MODX 2 and MODX 3

Acceptance Testing XIII - A New Page Object

Creating a new page object containing the CSS and XPath locators we'll need to navigate through the MODX manager.

Acceptance Testing XI - Step Object

Creating the step object for our resource protection acceptance test

Acceptance Testing VIII - Two New Page Objects

Creating page objects for the Manager Dashboard and for the Create/Edit Users panel

Acceptance Testing V - Login PageObject

Creating a Codeception PageObject for the login page

Unit Testing XV - Mock Objects

Using mock objects to test how often a method is executed

Getting Multiple Object Fields -- FAST

A very fast way to retrieve selected object fields without getting the whole object

Getting Resources Inside and Outside a Resource Group

A simple snippet to retrieve Resources in, or out of a Resource Group

MODX Object Names and Keys: A Source of Confusion

Many new MODX programmers stumble over the anomalies in the Names and Primary Keys of MODX Objects

xPDOObject versus xPDOSimpleObject

Demystifying the MODX base classes: xPDOObject and xPDOSimpleObject