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Make Plugins Execute Based on Resource Fields

Enable or disable plugins based on the values of specific resource fields

Updating Manager Pages in a Plugin VII

Creating the Staged Resource only when appropriate

Why Some Resources Can't Be Saved

A look at problems that can keep you from saving a resource

Using modTemplateVarResource in a Plugin

Example code for using modTemplateVarResource to set a TV based the value of one or more other TVs

Using modTemplateVarResource in a postHook

Setting TV values with modTemplateVarResource based on user input from the Register form

Using modTemplateVarResource with a Default Value

How to handle the modTemplateVarResource object when the value for a particular resource might be set to the default value of the TV.

Understanding the modTemplateVarResource Object

Getting the value of a TV for a particular resource via the modTemplateVarResource object without touching the modTemplateVar (TV) object.

Search and Replace with a Utility Snippet

Perform search-and-replace operations on all resources with this utility snippet

Hiding Resource Panel Elements

Hiding Resource Panel Elements in the Manager using CSS

User Resource Report IV

Get all resources acted on by the user in a single query