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Finding Bugs using a Binary Search

Finding bugs in your code when the error message is not helpful or there is no error message

Make MODX Search by ID

Make the MODX Manager's search function search by ID

Multiple Search and Replace Operations

Using a utility snippet for multiple search-and-replace operations

Search and Replace with a Utility Snippet

Perform search-and-replace operations on all resources with this utility snippet

Multi-Line Regex Searches in PhpStorm

Searching for regex patterns across multiple lines

Dynamic Search Criteria for getResources

Using a small utility snippet to create complex search criteria for the &where property of getResources or pdoResources or any other snippet that uses a &where property.

DirWalker -- A Class to Traverse Directories

Recursively traverse directories and list or process every file found

Spelunking in the MODX Codebase

Finding various bits of code in the MODX core