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Sending a User to their Own Page on Login

How to get MODX to forward users to their own pages on login

Limit Users Shown in Grid

A brilliant plugin from Bruno Perner (Bruno17), to keep MODX Manager users from seeing anyone outside their primary group in the user grid.

Redirecting Users On Login VII

Use group IDs to speed up the membership test

Redirecting Users On Login VI

Redirect users based on a User Group setting, but control the order in which group memberships are tested

Redirecting Users on Login V

Redirect users on login by checking group membership directly

Redirecting Users on Login IV

Redirect users on the basis of user-group membership using a user-group setting

Redirecting Users on Login III

Redirect users based on a User Setting

Redirecting Users on Login II

Redirecting users on login based on the time or season

Redirecting Users on Login I

The first in a series of articles on redirecting users when they log in

Adding Users to User Groups

A look at various methods for adding MODX users to user groups in code