Preserve Formatting When Pasting Text in PhpStorm

Maintaining structure and indentation when pasting code in PhpStorm

In the last article, we saw how to forward a user to edit their own page in the Manager after they successfully log in. In this one, we'll look at a quick shortcut that lets you preserve the formatting of text or code when pasting it into PhpStorm.

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Preserve Your Formatting

If you're a regular use of PhpStorm, you probably know this, but for new users, this can save a lot of headaches.

I write these blog posts in PhpStorm in filenames ending with .html. PhpStorm is great at formatting code when you paste it into a .php document, but I often write test PHP and JS code and make sure it works before adding it to an article. If I paste that code into the .html files, it ends up being left justified, removing all indentation from the code. Each line remains as a separate line, but all of them are flush left.

The solution is to paste the code with Ctrl-Shift-Alt-V. That will preserve the formatting. You may still have to massage the code slightly, but it will be much easier than if it's all left justified.

You can highlight a section and move it right or left with tab and Shift-tab.

Coming Up

In the next article, we'll look at what causes the "Call to a member function get() on null" error and how to prevent it.


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