Taming the Google Chrome Cache II

Prevent Chrome from caching anything with a convenient Chrome extension

Google Chrome not always reliable when it comes to clearing its cache. In the previous article we looked at several imperfect solutions, some inconvenient, and some unreliable. In this article we'll look at a method that prevents Chrome from caching things that is reliable, convenient, and won't slow down the site for other users.

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My Favorite Solution

The breakthrough for me was the discovery of a Chrome extension called Classic Cache Killer. It puts a little icon in your Chrome tool bar. When you click on it, it turns green, and as far as I can tell, it prevents Chrome from caching *anything*.

Classic Cache Killer, provided by Semyon V, has a five-star rating based on over 28,000 reviews. It automatically turns itself off when you move to another web site. You have the option to have it on by default for all sites, but I don't recommend that — just turn it on when you need to be sure that the Chrome cache is not preventing your changes from showing up.

Best of all, it won't slow down your site for other users. Of course it won't help if the problem is with the MODX cache. In the next article we'll see a way to make sure the MODX cache is fully cleared.

Coming Up

In the next article, we'll look at a convenient way to be sure the MODX cache is fully cleared.

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