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Dear Google - Why I'm not Switching to YouTube TV

What's seriously wrong with the YouTube TV user interface

Missing TVs with getResources or pdoResources

Why some TV values may not be shown by getResources or pdoResources

Empty a TV in Resources under Certain Parent Folders

Changing the value of all TVs for resources under certain parent folders.

Make Plugins Execute Based on TV Values

Enable or disable plugins based on the values of specific TVs

Show User Info Based on a TV I

Select from a drop-down list of users and show the selected user's information on a page

Hide the Time Field for Date TVs

A quick tip showing how to hide the Time field when editing MODX date TVs in the Manager

Getting TV Values from Another Context

Here's a trick for getting the TV values for a resource that's in another context

Updating Manager Pages in a Plugin XI

The final article in this series shows how to transfer TV values from one resource to another

Using modTemplateVarResource in a postHook

Setting TV values with modTemplateVarResource based on user input from the Register form

Understanding the modTemplateVarResource Object

Getting the value of a TV for a particular resource via the modTemplateVarResource object without touching the modTemplateVar (TV) object.