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Getting TV Values from Another Context

Here's a trick for getting the TV values for a resource that's in another context

Updating Manager Pages in a Plugin XI

The final article in this series shows how to transfer TV values from one resource to another

Using modTemplateVarResource in a postHook

Setting TV values with modTemplateVarResource based on user input from the Register form

Understanding the modTemplateVarResource Object

Getting the value of a TV for a particular resource via the modTemplateVarResource object without touching the modTemplateVar (TV) object.

Using getValue() for Object Content

Retrieving the main content field of resources and elements the fast way with getValue().

Using getValue() with TVs

Retrieving TV values fast with getValue()

Using getValue() with Date Fields

Retrieving and handling resource date fields like editedon and createdon in code the fast way with getValue()

Using getValue() wth Boolean (Yes-No) Fields

Getting and interpreting MODX boolean (Yes/No) fields in code

Get a Field Value -- Fast

A very fast and efficient method for getting field values in MODX, from Jason Coward.

Set Resource Fields and TV Values in a Plugin

Using a plugin attached to OnDocFormSave to modify resource fields and TV values