Noisy Awning Strap

Disclaimer: This page describes repairs I have made to various RVs in the hope that it will help others with similar problems. I am not a professional RV technician and I make no claims about the correctness, efficacy, or side-effects of the repairs described here. I won't be responsible for the results of any attempt to use the information on this page.

The awning strap on every RV I have owned has been too long. It drove me crazy to listen to it banging against the side of the RV as I drove down the road. I used to tuck it up under the awning before driving (when I remembered), but it never stayed there for very long.

I finally solved the problem with some heavy-duty Velcro. I cleaned the awning cover with rubbing alcohol and stuck on the Velcro.

awning strap

I attached the other half of the Velcro to the strap, but it only stayed attached for about a month so I sewed it to the strap with some heavy duty button thread:

awning strap

Problem solved. If you don't have an awning cover, you could attach the Velcro to the side of the RV (cleaning it well first) under the awning. Make sure you place it so that you can grab it with your wand from below.

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  —  Bob Ray