About MODX Content Elements

MODX Content Elements (almost always referred to as just "Elements") include Templates, Chunks, Snippets, Plugins, and Template Variables.

By default, Elements are stored in the MODX database. There is a separate database table for each type of Element. As of MODX 2.2.0, however, it's possible to store the content of each element in a disk file or other Media Source (such as Amazon S3, or DropBox). This allows you to use version control systems on the source of each Element and edit it in your favorite editor. To learn more about Media Sources, go: here.

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MODX: The Official Guide is 772 pages long and goes far beyond this web site in explaining beginning and advanced MODX techniques. It includes detailed information on:

  • Installing MODX
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  • Using common MODX add-on components like SPForm, Login, getResources, and FormIt
  • MODX security Permissions
  • Customizing the MODX Manager
  • Using Form Customization
  • Creating Transport Packages
  • MODX and xPDO object methods
  • MODX System Events
  • Using PHP with MODX

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