MODX Revolution Security Tutorials

If you want to learn about MODX security Permissions in general, go here.

Always remember that you should never modify the standard Policies or Policy Templates provided in the basic MODX install. If, for example, you modify the standard Administrator Policy to uncheck some permissions, you will be taking those permissions away from the Admin super user. If you remove Permissions from the standard Administrator Policy Template, you will also be taking away those Permissions from the Admin super user. That goes for the other standard Policies and Policy Templates as well. Always duplicate Policies or Policy Templates and alter the duplicates.

These tutorials are designed to help you handle specific security needs in MODX Revolution. They describe the steps necessary to accomplish the following goals:

Security Resources at Bob's Guides

Other Security Pages

The Revolution security system.

MODX Revolution security cheatsheet.

The official MODX Revolution security documentation.

Video on Understanding the MODX Revolution Security Permissions System by Bob Ray.

Video on Revolution security by Shaun McCormick (splittingred).


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  • Using common MODX add-on components like SPForm, Login, getResources, and FormIt
  • MODX security Permissions
  • Customizing the MODX Manager
  • Using Form Customization
  • Creating Transport Packages
  • MODX and xPDO object methods
  • MODX System Events
  • Using PHP with MODX

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