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Show Full Name of Editor and Date of Edit for Resources

A snippet to show the full name of the person who edited the current page and, optionally, the date of the last edit.

Clearing the Cache for Selected Resources

Use a plugin to clear the cache for selected resources in MODX Revolution

Fine-tuning Our Jumplist

Handling the problem of duplicate event invocation

A Jumplist with DirWalker

Add a navigation Jumplist to the DirWalker Output

More DirWalker

Use DirWalker to produce a valuable report on MODX System Events

Extending DirWalker

Extending the DirWalker class to perform custom processing on files as they are found

DirWalker -- A Class to Traverse Directories

Recursively traverse directories and list or process every file found

Spelunking in the MODX Codebase

Finding various bits of code in the MODX core

Removing Old Package Versions

How to safely remove old versions of transport packages

Getting Any Parent Field

A snippet to get any field from the parent of the current resource.