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Preserving Your MODX Top Menu Structure

Two utility snippets that save and restore the structure of a customized MODX Top Menu

Manually Ordered Blog Articles

Two ways to control the order in which your MODX blog articles are displayed

Hiding MODX Top Menu Items From Some Users

Hide specific menu items using a permission setting

Avoid Trashing Properties with setProperties()

The safe way to set an element property

Add Author Profiles to your Articles Blog

Add Author Bio pages to your MODX Articles Blog

Selecting Resources to Preview on your Home Page

A client-friendly way to show selected teasers with getResources

Displaying MODX Date Fields

Tips and techniques for displaying date fields in MODX

Create an RSS Feed for Your Articles Blog

Step-by-step instructions for creating an RSS feed for your MODX Articles blog.

Using the MODX Lexicon Outside of MODX

A method to use MODX lexicon strings that will work inside or outside of MODX

Making Form Checkboxes Sticky

When a user re-visits a form, the checkboxes will be set as they were the last time the form was submitted.