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How JavaScript Works in MODX

A look at how JavaScript and PHP interact and how JavaScript is used in the MODX Manager

How the Web Works

A look at the inner workings of an http request

Locked Out: Getting Back into the MODX Manager

Techniques for getting into the Manager when you're locked out

Change Your MODX Web Site with the Seasons

A utility snippet to help change your web site automatically with the seasons.

MODX CMPs: An Anatomy Lesson

A look at how typical pre-2.2 MODX CMPs work

Creating MODX Top Menu Items in Code

Creating MODX Manager Top Menu Items in PHP

Understanding MODX Extended User Fields and JSON

Handling the extended fields of the MODX user profile in code

Preserving Your MODX Top Menu Structure

Two utility snippets that save and restore the structure of a customized MODX Top Menu

Manually Ordered Blog Articles

Two ways to control the order in which your MODX blog articles are displayed

Hiding MODX Top Menu Items From Some Users

Hide specific menu items using a permission setting