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Using the MODX Lexicon Outside of MODX

A method to use MODX lexicon strings that will work inside or outside of MODX

Making Form Checkboxes Sticky

When a user re-visits a form, the checkboxes will be set as they were the last time the form was submitted.

Check or Uncheck all Checkboxes with JavaScript

Checking and unchecking checkboxes with JavaScript buttons

Getting Resources Inside and Outside a Resource Group

A simple snippet to retrieve Resources in, or out of a Resource Group

Show a Drop-down List for the Template Field in NewsPublisher

Make selecting the Template more user-friendly in NewsPublisher

Show a Drop-down List for the Parent Field in NewsPublisher

Make selecting a parent more user-friendly in NewsPublisher

Protecting Pages by Age

Let users in specific user groups see only pages of a certain age.

Using MODX Outside of MODX

Everything you always wanted to know about instantiating MODX

Understanding Articles Templates

Information on using the Articles blog templates

MODX Object Names and Keys: A Source of Confusion

Many new MODX programmers stumble over the anomalies in the Names and Primary Keys of MODX Objects