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MODX 2.2 CMPs: An Anatomy Lesson

An updated, best-practices, look at the architecture of a MODX Custom Manager Page (CMP) in MODX 2.2+.

Making Things Appear and Disappear without JQuery

Make content appear and disappear without the overhead of JQuery

How Auto-publish Works

Understanding the process MODX uses to publish and unpublish resources automatically

Show Full Name of Editor and Date of Edit for Resources

A snippet to show the full name of the person who edited the current page and, optionally, the date of the last edit.

Clearing the Cache for Selected Resources

Use a plugin to clear the cache for selected resources in MODX Revolution

Fine-tuning Our Jumplist

Handling the problem of duplicate event invocation

A Jumplist with DirWalker

Add a navigation Jumplist to the DirWalker Output

More DirWalker

Use DirWalker to produce a valuable report on MODX System Events

Extending DirWalker

Extending the DirWalker class to perform custom processing on files as they are found

DirWalker -- A Class to Traverse Directories

Recursively traverse directories and list or process every file found